Dear Expedia, we’re done.

David Gluzman July 8th, 2010

Hello Expedia,

I just finished talking to you on the phone for the past 20 minutes.

Why? Well you see, I feel like I just got jacked.

While booking a flight to LAS, a friend of mine found a flight for $508 (taxes in). So we go ahead and book the flights. His goes through, mine however at the last possible second ie: while I’m checking out and have just finished putting my credit card information, jumps up to $571.27. Um. What?

Apparently this has to do with supply and demand.

Personally, I don’t give a shit. I feel like I just got jacked. The fact that you (Expedia) cannot guarantee the price through checkout (which took me maybe 2 minutes), is absolute and complete bullshit. Especially when their competitors secure the price if you checkout within 10 minutes.

Having talked to your customer service on the phone, the lady told me she cannot relate to this problem. That’s interesting. Interesting in a way that sounds like “I don’t give a shit about you”.

I kid you not. Talking to you on the phone was absolutely stunning. The fact that this is my first experience using your service, and feeling like I got ripped off at the last second and hearing that you don’t care kinda hurts my feelings.

Do you think I’ll ever use Expedia again? Do you think any of my friends or family will?

Yeah. Unlikely.

PS. This isn’t about the money, it’s about you caring. Which you don’t.

  • Wow. That is unbelievable. I have never booked through Expedia before. Now, I never will.

  • This cracks me up.. Adwords is showing an add for Expedia on this post.. *sigh* Silly adwords. I should turn this crap off.

  • Crom

    HAHAH. She can’t relate? She can’t relate to something that cost one number, and then suddenly costs more? I believe that means she can’t relate to the human system of currency and its use in the free market.

    She can’t relate to economy. And she’s the customer service rep. Awesome. No, really, that’s truly awesome.

    Fuck em. They deserve no loyalty from anyone.