New mixtape

David Gluzman April 15th, 2011

Tyler (ie: @Poploser) has a pretty cool new project going on over at

I love my iPod. I do. And iTunes. But they’ve changed the way people listen to music. Mostly this is for the better. If anything, people actually do listen to music these days. Or at least more music. The volume of options and level of access is staggering.

But it’s not all good. Sharing music is, in my opinion, at an all-time low. Even with things like Ping and MOG and iLike and Spotify and Rdio, sharing music with your friends in the internet age lacks the personal touch, grace and devotion of previous media.

Enter, or rather re-enter, the mix tape.

I was pretty stoked to contribute a new take on a double sided set.

So yeah.. Go check it out. You can even subscribe via iTunes (new music each week = awesome).