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UI Tweaks March 2009

David Gluzman March 17th, 2009

So I took a half day break from working on WineCollective and decided to give R4NT some much needed love.. I had been sitting on some experimental design/code (for the archives) that I worked on a few months ago. Yesterday I decided on whim to just F-it, and launch it. Which was a bit premature […]

Slight Design re-align

David Gluzman November 18th, 2008

Ever have those times late at night where all of a sudden you just gotta do something? Well redoing the R4NT footer was my peeve for the evening. The Footer has been a point of contention of mine since V8 launched. I’ll be very honest and say I was lazy. Bad excuse but I was […]

R4NT V8 – Phew!

David Gluzman August 22nd, 2008

It’s been long long overdue, and after months of design, code, and brute force data entry; it’s finally live. To be quite honest most of the design was done back in February, however I wasn’t exactly content with the rails application that I had developed (from back in 2005 ish), and which later Ash helped […]

Drive the Golden Gate Bridge

David Gluzman May 30th, 2007

Google has done it yet again.. Taking queues from amazon’s A9 block view a few months back, they’ve started to implement something rather mind blowing. Panoramic street views. I can’t describe it without doing it an injustice.. Click, drag, zoom, move, yikes… I can just see it now.. Open this up to user generated content, […]


David Gluzman January 10th, 2007

Disclaimer.. This is going to be absolute rhetoric for anyone that isn’t developing websites. So. OSX comes pre-packaged with PHP/Apache, this isn’t exactly news… However… After many hours toiling away here trying to get my MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySql, PHP) distro running and hitting my head against the wall.. Wait.. Let me explain.. Getting my […]