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Interesting links as of late:

David Gluzman October 13th, 2006

Some random links I’ve bookmarked recently… Every Shortcut key for OSX JonDesign’s Smooth Slideshow JavaScript Library (Interesting, but a bit heavy, would be nice if it degraded with JS off) Exploring IE7 (from MSDN) Lastly, a really REALLY cool networked screen saver. FUN!

Easter Update

David Gluzman April 16th, 2006

Happy Easter! It’s been quiet lately, so I thought I’d toss out some of the hot happenin’s… Kid Koala is going to be in town this coming weekend at Broken City. I don’t plan on missing the scratch master, so I’ll see you there. I’ve been listening to some pretty hot new music that I […]

R4NT Alert?

MaxPower December 8th, 2005

So in the past couple weeks I have visited R4NT a bunch as usual and had (finally) noticed something unusual when I surfed over to My Norton Internet Security kept saying that it had blocked an intrusion attempt. I don’t know if anyone else experienced that. Norton would say it was a medium risk […]

Spur of the moment linkage:

David Gluzman August 15th, 2005

Cafe Britt: Since traveling to Costa Rica I’ve been hooked on this top end blend. I’d recommend the organic shade grown (tastey). Oh and shipping is insanely fast, took only 2 days for my latest order to come in, and it was free. Subaru: Just noticed they are releasing the 2006 Impreza, and I think […]

jEdit Macros make life easy

David Gluzman July 6th, 2005

I’ve recently discovered the power of ‘regular expression’ find and replace. Huh? Well, instead of searching for a particular string of text, I can define the start and end of lines and do something for each. Example: Search for: ^ (this means start of new line) Replace with: “< p>” (without spaces mind you) And […]