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Hip Hop Comes To Town

Kimberley Jev July 30th, 2009

Event: The Roots @ Flame Central (Calgary)

David Gluzman July 18th, 2008

Several years ago when I was in Chicago I had discovered that one of my favorite hip hop groups was playing the night I flew in. When I landed I hurried up to try and hit the event, yet alas it was sold out. Thus when I heard the Roots were paying a visit to […]

J-Live this Friday @ The Cherry Lounge!

David Gluzman October 31st, 2007

A few of us from R4NT will be attending the J-Live show this friday at the Cherry Lounge. I’m super stoked about this as J-Live is probably my favourite emcee. As an emcee, dee-jay, producer and CEO of his aptly named company Triple Threat Productions, J-Live’s music has been a staple of inspiration for listeners […]

Daft Punk is the hotness

MaxPower October 19th, 2007

So what did the world of hip hop only hear about Daft Punk this year? First the Kayne West hit “Stronger” using the Punk song “Harder Better Faster Stronger”. As someone said to me recently – the only thing good about that song is the Daft Punk sample. But that hasn’t stopped Kayne from scoring […]

New Music: Anime

David Gluzman September 28th, 2007

Caught a quick listen to this this morning.. Here’s some deets: In an age of orange alerts, crumbling economic systems, and marshal law under the guise of homeland security the people are spoon fed entertainment deemed “safe” by major corporations and the government. Citizens are bombarded with biased media coverage of an unpopular war by […]