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Pump Up The Volume

Kimberley Jev August 5th, 2009

As we prepare for Shambhala this weekend, the CD burners have been whizzing and the ipods have been uploaded. Piranha Piranha (Dan Solo and Mr. Geography) are my first port of call for good beats and solid dub. A Unique Behaviour is brought to the people via The Rinse Out , who have taken a […]

Hip Hop Comes To Town

Kimberley Jev July 30th, 2009

D’Banj and The Kokolettes.

Kimberley Jev July 24th, 2009

You always know something is up when your Facebook feed starts becoming repetitive. Sometimes you actually learn something from the vortex of not so “private” information. Today it was all about the Nigerian entertainment scene and the larger than life “entertainer” D’Banj. For the past weeks, D’Banj’s popular reality TV show “The Koko Mansion” who’s […]

Dreams of Africa

Kimberley Jev July 15th, 2009

My musical journey has me all over the place of late and Africa has been on my mind for a little while now. The new mixtape from Buraka Som Sistema, The Black Diamond Mixtape is all the fix I need. Filled with music from all over the mother land with mixes that include adlibs by […]

The Heavy – Sixteen

David Gluzman July 8th, 2009

The Heavy is coming out with a new album due sometime this summer.. Meanwhile the single “Sixteen” is coming up July 13th.. So far so good. :)