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Solar Wind Plasma Output At 50-Year Low

MaxPower September 23rd, 2008

More curiosities abound from the activity on the sun. I have been interested in the slow start to the 24th solar cycle for a while now and then this press release and conference call from NASA’s JPL caught my attention. “The sun’s million mile-per-hour solar wind inflates a protective bubble, or heliosphere, around the solar […]

R4NT V8 – Phew!

David Gluzman August 22nd, 2008

It’s been long long overdue, and after months of design, code, and brute force data entry; it’s finally live. To be quite honest most of the design was done back in February, however I wasn’t exactly content with the rails application that I had developed (from back in 2005 ish), and which later Ash helped […]

Article: Six Stops in London

David Gluzman April 12th, 2008

One of the images that kinda puzzled me when Ducati AGB passed on this article to me was this picture of a Sphinx! I’ve been to London but don’t ever remember seeing this… Weird. Anyways.. Glad to see Ducati sporting a half decent camera these days! Heh.. Anyways, Six Stops in London, is a perfect […]

AutoShow 2008

David Gluzman March 16th, 2008

For the fourth year in a row we present the Calgary AutoShow! Not much more to it than that.. Same kinda layout as previous years, same sorta crowd, and same sorta cars. No GT40s this year mind you.. However there was the new Nissan GT (Skyline?) but it seemed very much concept like still sooooooo.. […]

Article: Jon F Winter 08

David Gluzman February 24th, 2008

All the way from the UK, once again we have Jon presenting his selections of worthy albums worth checking out! Might have to poach a few from the list for the upcoming R4NT Radio show. ;) Also, make sure to checkout Jon’s blog! :)