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Article: Mr.Rat

David Gluzman February 9th, 2008

This weekend comes an interesting article about reincarnation, science and the advancement of the human species. Interesting stuff. Caged with hundreds of other squealing rats, swiftly moved around universities and medical centers, unassuming of what mad scientist will claim them for their research. Maybe you will have pink fur or an ear on your back, […]

New R4NT Radio Show

David Gluzman January 29th, 2008

After battling for almost 2 weeks, I finally published the new R4NT Radio show for January. It went a tad long (double) from previous shows, but I think there’s quite the variety to be heard. Anyways.. Leaving later today to Vancouver (mmm.. sushi and warm weather). So hope you all enjoy.

Article: Predictions 2008

David Gluzman January 13th, 2008

It's my fault.. Yes mine.. MaxPower had written his part of our 5th edition of "Predictions" well before new years! I guess I've been a bit busy lately (sorry, lame excuse), but since I just got in the door from being out in Fernie (woot), I've taken the much needed time to publish the 2008 […]

Steal lots of music and stuff

David Gluzman December 20th, 2007

..well actually maybe you shouldn’t… Gord goes into great detail today about the current state of the Canadian DCMA versus the American version as well as where copy right fits in with world economics. Interesting and timely read. Here’s a quote: Every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief….and every company producing content […]

Jon F Returns! Boo!

David Gluzman October 28th, 2007

Long overdue release of Jon F’s latest reviews.. Expect ‘Part 2’ in early November! Some pretty big names in this edition including the likes of José Padilla, Prince Fatty, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Jazzanova, Karizma, Miguel Migs, Ananda Project, Waajeed, Eddy Meets Yannah, Tweek, The Broken Family Band, The Spirals, and various other […]