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Powder surfing

David Gluzman January 26th, 2011

Backcountry? Check. Powder? Check. Surfboard? uh.. check!

Attack of the crows!

Kimberley Jev June 18th, 2009

Every morning I wake up to…crows. Yeah, not a rooster or a melody from my alarm clock, not even from the neighbours going down the stairs in the early morning. However, it turns out, there’s more to these birds than meets my headache every morning. I’m not sure if I’m intrigued by this video or […]

Online Reservation Hits AB Campgrounds

Ian Harding April 16th, 2009

Remember in past years when you wanted to go camping for the weekend, you would have to skip out of work early on a Friday afternoon and race to a campground to score the best site? And even when you got there, there were already tents there, with no people around (squatters), leaving you wondering […]

Chop that Canoe eh

David Gluzman April 8th, 2008

Shuhei Ogawara, a retired city hall employee in the Fukushima Prefecture, spent three months gluing 7382 used chopsticks into a 66 pound, 13′-4″ canoe, and coated it with a polyester resin coat. Um. Wow? Via TreeHugger

Heli Weekend(s)

David Gluzman January 28th, 2008

Pretty awesome weekend out there.. Went Heli skiing for the second weekend in a row (ouch, I’m done now). Checkout some of the pictures on flickr. :) Next weekend I’m heading off to Web Directions North 08 (last year was awesome), so I’ll be heading out to Whistler with that group.. Should be a good […]