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Yeah, you’re cool

MaxPower April 26th, 2007

The Ontario government teamed up with Richard Branson (why?) to announce a campaign to get “young people” to turn off their lights. The campaign is entitled “Flick Off” – see image below. Oh it forms a naughty word! What a great way to get the attention of “young people”! The government is soooo cool. The […]

Calgary, World’s Cleanest?

grfxguy April 25th, 2007

According to, Calgary has snapped the enviable place of World’s Cleanest City from the squeaky-clean world competitors. Wait…what? That’s right folks: our oilsands gobbling, F-350 driving urban western province has something to show. Surprising to say the least. According to the website: “Population: 988,193 Metro area: 5,107 square km Calgary is the fastest growing […]

Cell Out? One month to big move.

grfxguy February 14th, 2007

Think back, way back, to December 20, 2005. Due to overwhelming public response to a survey, the CRTC handed down a milestone decision: all cell phone providers in Canada must allow the porting of cell phone numbers. This almost slipped quietly under everybody’s collective radar. You can read the full press release here. The short […]

Charity and Commercialism

MaxPower October 19th, 2006

A couple of different articles got me thinking about the act of giving and society’s take on the actual act of charity. This is not an overly serious take, so let’s be a bit light and airy, just get a couple ideas out there. The first of which is the hype surrounding Bono and Oprah […]

Colbert Review – An Angry Canadian’s Perspective

Gordon McDowell May 10th, 2006

No matter how the liberal media tries to spin the event, as some sort of embarassment to President Bush, the fact remains that those of us who did watch Colbert’s presentation saw perhaps the most loving tribute to a sitting president since 1962 when Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to JFK. Oh sure the media reported that tribute. I wonder why? Cough [liberal]. Cough [commie]. Cough [Kennedy], pwat. Excuse me, I had some bile in my throat.