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Dear Expedia, we’re done.

David Gluzman July 8th, 2010

Hello Expedia, I just finished talking to you on the phone for the past 20 minutes. Why? Well you see, I feel like I just got jacked. While booking a flight to LAS, a friend of mine found a flight for $508 (taxes in). So we go ahead and book the flights. His goes through, […]

New Credit cards with chips = lame.

David Gluzman September 29th, 2009

That’s right. Damn you technology! Recently I’m getting a bunch of new credit cards in the mail, and it seems they have all adopted this new chip thinger. Apparently the credit card companies think this will make transactions more secure. Sure, sure. And a hell of a lot more annoying to boot! Firstly, the pin. […]

Thule and price gouging

David Gluzman May 27th, 2009

Having just bought a new mountain bike I’ve decided that I should finally invest in the bike rack for my vehicle. Since I already have the ski attachments and base bar for my VW (which are made by Thule), I figured it would be a pretty painless purchase to move forward. Well kinda.. But wow […]

Oh Hells No

MaxPower February 4th, 2009

Today, Google introduced Latitude, a new opt-in feature that lets smartphone and laptop users share their location with friends and allows those friends to share their locations in return. Although not pinpoint accurate, Latitude can display your general location based on information from GPS satellites and cell towers. Latitude works on both mobile devices and […]

It is called customer service

MaxPower January 26th, 2009

The news in the auto business has been dire. The Big 3 in North America are asking for bailouts but they aren’t the only ones, all car manufacturers are suffering. No one is pulling the trigger on new cars over the past couple of months. Enough mainstream media reports with the word recession in them […]