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Holiday Microbrew

MaxPower December 20th, 2007

With the Christmas season approaching, the frequency of blog postings here has been slowing. However, in the spirit of the season, I present a good microbrew which I had the opportunity to try out recently. I had not heard of the brewery before – Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. from Revelstoke BC. I had the opportunity […]

Chapters (almost) Ban Listed

MaxPower November 13th, 2007

In another mention of an insane price differences – Chapters wanted to charge me $26 for a book which is available on for US$13 including shipping (regularly $17 including shipping). Problem is, Amazon couldn’t guarantee shipping into Canada in time for Christmas on the item (even now! – up to 3 weeks to ship […]

Let’s All Hate Toronto

MaxPower April 2nd, 2007

Let’s All Hate Toronto is a documentary which looks at why the rest of Canada hates Toronto. It hasn’t come out yet, but man does it sound funny (it is meant to be funny, not one of those angsty docu-dramas so popular now). Mainly because it is true. This guy basically got a big sign […]

Least User Friendly Website Ever?

MaxPower March 30th, 2007

Ok well, maybe not ever ever… but the Toronto Transit Commission’s website is up there among the worst. First off it looks like it was designed by a high school student in 1998. That little ticker on the top was fancy in ’97 when flashing “new” graphics were all the rage (you know what I […]

More Happy

MaxPower February 2nd, 2007

More Happy is the new Pepsi slogan to be revealed (along with new can designs) at the Superbowl. More Happy along with being grammatically unconfortable (Pepsi makes me more happy???, drinking Pepsi is more happy???, I’m more happy I’m drinking Pepsi???, Be more happy drinking Pepsi??? wtf), is just a pretty stupid catch phrase. You […]