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The World Didn’t End…

MaxPower September 10th, 2008

It is Wednesday morning in North America, the Large Hadron Collider is on in France and the world has not come to an end. We did not experience mini black holes tearing away at the fabric of space time. There hasn’t been a series of earthquakes or tsunamis (tsunamis? really? that is the best critics […]

springover, when’s springeight? – springseven day 4

David Gluzman May 20th, 2007

Four days of festival. 12 venues. One bus. Hundreds of performers. Thousands in the audience. The cumulative effect is this urban event that is so vast, and one of a kind. I cannot even fathom trying to organize this whole event entailing so many aspects its mind numbing. I mean, can you imagine, trying to […]

Legends – springseven day 3

Anhedonia May 19th, 2007

Where to start, where to start? Last nights performances were of a legendary nature, including a live performance from Carl Craig, the great Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, and Stacey Pullen. Detroit techno displayed itself, and it is difficult to summarize the line up and the feeling of being there. Carl Craig’s performance, to start, was […]

Dub Step with Mala of Digital Mystikz – springseven day 2

Anhedonia May 18th, 2007

Red Bull Music Academy open for general discussion and interviewing is definitively one of the best parts of springseven. To see that there is a face to the artist and to hear the story behind it all, and not just base things on a graphically charged flyer as for what to see at the club, […]

Elektronische Musik und Clubkultur from Graz: Springseven Day 1

Anhedonia May 17th, 2007

We’re back in Graz Austria for this years edition of the springfestival – springseven. Blurring the lines of decades of sounds and fashion, the live performances opening up the festival on May 16th were a significant change from the previous year. It is difficult to say if this is related to the artists selected alone, […]