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New Goodness

David Gluzman June 25th, 2006

For all of you that might be wondering about the second installment of R4NT Radio, you’ve only got a few days to wait. I’ve recently (like 20 minutes ago), completed the 2nd part of the series. So stay tuned for a mid-week release. In the meantime, if you haven’t already checked out our press on […]

We’re Back..

David Gluzman June 6th, 2006

Been back for a few days now actually… The flight back from Vienna was long (9 hours idling in Heathrow), and I can’t say all that pleasant, because hey I had to fly Air Canada (and we all know how much we loooove Air Canada) from London to Calgary on an ancient 767. Oh well, […]

springsix Day 4

David Gluzman May 28th, 2006

Day 4.5 (because it ended about half way thru Sunday) at Springsix… Firstly please excuse the late posting on this one.. We got in a tad late (8am!) on the last day of the festival. The after party rocked, but I wasn’t quite used to leaving a club in complete daylight! Heh. Craziness. Aiola Island… […]

springsix Day 3

David Gluzman May 27th, 2006

3 Days of Springsix have already flown by.. Last night we did a fair bit of walking around getting to a few different events. So once again here’s a quick look at some of the highlights. Kraak & Smaak from Holland Ark vs. Krikor from Paris Dancing at the Generalmusikdirektion John Acquaviva from Canada

springsix Day 2

David Gluzman May 26th, 2006

Whew! Another huuuuge night. Here’s some shots from day 2 at springsix.. Dynamite MC with Scratch Perverts Bugz in the Attic Carl Craig speaking at the Red Bull Music Academy Bugz in the Attic Dancin.. Some Singer at the PPC, sadly I’m not sure who, and everyone I asked didn’t seem to know either.. Recognize? […]