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Eight Years is finally over!

David Gluzman November 4th, 2008

Change. Growing up in my twenties I recall vividly when Bush went into power, then again when he was re-elected. What could have been with Gore was never to be. It’s been an rocky ride for the entire world these past years. Watching the campaign over the past months has been painful. I vowed that […]


MaxPower October 14th, 2008

After being politically active in my youth (10 years ago = youth??) I am now firmly apolitical mainly due to my rising overall levels of cynicism. This election is no different. That being said, I have always and will always vote. But my one big complaint is at least somewhat related to what Gord has […]

Calgary Canadidate Debates: Not Important?

Gordon McDowell October 10th, 2008

Candidates for local ridings don’t quite qualify as news… at least in Calgary. Let’s face it, this province will be electing Conservatives until the day a Conservative prime minister is caught on video devowering a baby’s heart. Voting Conservative… it’s what we do. This is probably why I can never find decent coverage when I’m […]

Chinese Gymnast Age Dispute

MaxPower August 22nd, 2008

It hasn’t been a secret that some of the Chinese women competitors at the Beijing Olympics look to be so small and young as to be under the age of 16 required to compete in some events. Any viewer on TV or the internet can tell that some of these girls look so tiny as […]