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Canadian Banks: Love to Hate

MaxPower April 27th, 2009

Canadian Banks are getting some hate from the international community. Why? They are too good. We give banks a lot of stick around here too, but everyone has to admit that our hyper-conservative banking industry, what with an oligopoly and fees + fees for everything at least isn’t collapsing around us. Way to go! (?) […]

Is ING a bank?

MaxPower January 19th, 2009

Yeah technically they are a bank. They don’t have “bank” in their name, they don’t have ABM machines, nor debit cards, but they are CDIC insured up to $100,000 just like BMO, CIBC, Royal, TD, Scotia et al. And more and more I am impressed with the “virtual banking” nature of ING. Back in October […]

Public Service Announcement: TFSA’s

MaxPower October 29th, 2008

Canadians – have you heard about Tax Free Savings Accounts? They are a new creation by the Government which allows saving after tax money, tax free, starting Jan 1/09. In my opinion, in 20 years these will be much much more important then RRSPs. You have $5,000 of TFSA room per year added every year […]

Banks: Customer Service Mystery Round 2 Million.

David Gluzman April 14th, 2008