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Canadian Banks: Love to Hate

MaxPower April 27th, 2009

Canadian Banks are getting some hate from the international community. Why? They are too good. We give banks a lot of stick around here too, but everyone has to admit that our hyper-conservative banking industry, what with an oligopoly and fees + fees for everything at least isn’t collapsing around us. Way to go! (?) […]

Calgary Canadidate Debates: Not Important?

Gordon McDowell October 10th, 2008

Candidates for local ridings don’t quite qualify as news… at least in Calgary. Let’s face it, this province will be electing Conservatives until the day a Conservative prime minister is caught on video devowering a baby’s heart. Voting Conservative… it’s what we do. This is probably why I can never find decent coverage when I’m […]

Mark Rowswell: The Most Famous Canadian?

MaxPower August 6th, 2008

There is a nice (unattributed) quote I like to pull out whenever people start to think that their, or their company’s or Canada’s accomplishments are gaining some traction globally. No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats there are approximately 1 billion Chinese who couldn’t care less. However, Mark Rowswell, better known […]

Tell your MP – RE: Canadian DMCA

David Gluzman June 13th, 2008

After months of hesitation, Industry Minister Jim Prentice has finally revealed his re-write of Canada’s rules of copyright. As expected, the bill contains major concessions to the American entertainment industry. Prentice’s bill forbids Canadians from engaging in ordinary practices such as ripping DVDs onto video iPods, unlocking digital phones for use with a competitor’s services, […]

Banks: Customer Service Mystery Round 2 Million.

David Gluzman April 14th, 2008