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GOOG to buy Twitter?

MaxPower April 3rd, 2009

Google feels the need… to buy this year’s Facebook. Which means of course there is an opening for a new Twitter/Facebook/Myspace starting in 2010. Right now it is just rumours but this is the source of those rumours: TechCrunch. Says them: Google is in late stage negotiations to acquire Twitter. We don’t know the price […]

Oh Hells No

MaxPower February 4th, 2009

Today, Google introduced Latitude, a new opt-in feature that lets smartphone and laptop users share their location with friends and allows those friends to share their locations in return. Although not pinpoint accurate, Latitude can display your general location based on information from GPS satellites and cell towers. Latitude works on both mobile devices and […]

Google Flu

MaxPower November 12th, 2008

New Goog app out today is Google Flu Trends: Google Flu Trends, tallies daily flu-related search queries from to estimate how many people in a given region in the United States have an influenza-related illness. The tool will provide users with “up-to-date influenza related activity estimates for each of the 50 states in the […]

Chrome – Further Evidence Google is Taking Over

MaxPower September 3rd, 2008

I said here that I was going to try the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, which I didn’t, ironically because the site wouldn’t let me download it – good job Microsoft. Then yesterday I read the news that Google published its new ‘web browser’ Chrome designed in a typical Google fashion. Here is an […]