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This Just In: Brits are Winter Wimps

MaxPower February 3rd, 2009

Look at all that snow! He needs to clean it up with a broom! When I saw this headline “Snow could cost UK economy £1 billion: experts” I thought “whoa, must have been a big storm”. Uhhh no… The 10 centimetres (four inches) of snow which coated London, Europe’s financial capital, Monday virtually shut down […]

Article: Six Stops in London

David Gluzman April 12th, 2008

One of the images that kinda puzzled me when Ducati AGB passed on this article to me was this picture of a Sphinx! I’ve been to London but don’t ever remember seeing this… Weird. Anyways.. Glad to see Ducati sporting a half decent camera these days! Heh.. Anyways, Six Stops in London, is a perfect […]