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Dark Knight Lighting it Up?

MaxPower August 18th, 2008

Ever since I read the Dark Knight quick review here on the R4NT blog, I have been wondering about the size of the box office gross for this newest Batman flick. The whole last film by Heath Ledger thing was a big draw as is the Batman franchise just generally. So when I saw the […]

Mad Fast Reviews

MaxPower May 31st, 2008

Saw 3 movies on airplanes. Mad fast reviews: I am Legend Will Smith in your typical end of the world type movie. Cancer vaccine turns people into vampire zombies. Will Smith hunts deer in New York by running after them. Will Smith gets chased by zombies. Mini spoiler alert: dog dies. Will Smith saves the […]

Iron Man Reviews

MaxPower May 2nd, 2008

One of the Google Trend’s top searches today is Iron Man Reviews and while Iron Man has been bandied about as an example of a movie which will have its opening weekend beat down by GTA IV apparently people are still interested in seeing the reviews. So here we go: CNN: ‘Iron Man’ packs a […]