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Canadian Banks: Love to Hate

MaxPower April 27th, 2009

Canadian Banks are getting some hate from the international community. Why? They are too good. We give banks a lot of stick around here too, but everyone has to admit that our hyper-conservative banking industry, what with an oligopoly and fees + fees for everything at least isn’t collapsing around us. Way to go! (?) […]

This Horse is Dead

MaxPower August 5th, 2008

So why do I keep on flogging it? Because like insurance companies and bank fees, mobile phone costs are one of the only things that gets Canadians riled up it seems. Today I see an article titled New text-messaging fees a cash grab: observers, which is, of course what we had been saying here and […]

Quebecers Try to Sue BCE/Telus over TXT Charges

MaxPower July 29th, 2008

Two crazy Quebecers are fighting the power named BCE and Telus, over the plans for two of the three telecom oligopoly participants to charge 15 cents per incoming text message. Bell Mobility subscriber Eric Cormier and Telus subscriber Natalie Martin initiated the suits and say both companies are acting illegally by unilaterally changing the terms […]

Shocker – Canadians are Cell Laggards

MaxPower July 21st, 2008

Canada lags other developed nations in mobile phone ownership, falling behind a global average of 30 countries, says an international survey being released today. Only 69 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 16 and 60 use a cellphone at this time, compared with 90 per cent in the United States and 97 per […]