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One Year Until Vancouver Olympics

MaxPower February 12th, 2009

It is one year until the Vancouver 2010 Olympics kick off. And while I was shut out on my quest to get tickets (put $1800 pp of ticket requests into the lottery and didn’t receive 1 ticket) I won’t be putting the Olympics on the ban list. In fact, over the next 12 months, there […]

Chinese Gymnast Age Dispute

MaxPower August 22nd, 2008

It hasn’t been a secret that some of the Chinese women competitors at the Beijing Olympics look to be so small and young as to be under the age of 16 required to compete in some events. Any viewer on TV or the internet can tell that some of these girls look so tiny as […]

Mark Rowswell: The Most Famous Canadian?

MaxPower August 6th, 2008

There is a nice (unattributed) quote I like to pull out whenever people start to think that their, or their company’s or Canada’s accomplishments are gaining some traction globally. No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats there are approximately 1 billion Chinese who couldn’t care less. However, Mark Rowswell, better known […]