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ISS: A Decade In Pictures

MaxPower December 1st, 2008

The International Space Station turned 10 in late November 2008 and Cnet has an interesting photo-series showing how the space station has grown. Pretty impressive. 1998 2008 And Canadarm 2 FTW.

First Exoplanet Ever

MaxPower November 13th, 2008

In this image released by NASA, a dust ring, seen in red, surround the star Fomalhaut, that resides at the center of the image, and not visible to the human eye in this image. The Hubble Telescope discovered the fuzzy image of the planet, known as Fomalhaut b, which is no more that a white […]

Virgin Galactic

MaxPower July 28th, 2008

Virgin Galactic showed off its new mothership today (above), which is called WhiteKnightTwo. Wired is doing a good job of showing the stuff that only VIPs and connected press get to see. I like this shot: Here is a good BBC report too.