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MaxPower March 24th, 2009

I have been following the case for sunspots over the past 6 – 9 months, writing about it a number of times. Well it is time for an update. NASA’s Dr. Tony Philips, who runs said: Where have all the sunspots gone? As of yesterday, March 21st, the sun has been blank on 85% […]

This Just In: Brits are Winter Wimps

MaxPower February 3rd, 2009

Look at all that snow! He needs to clean it up with a broom! When I saw this headline “Snow could cost UK economy £1 billion: experts” I thought “whoa, must have been a big storm”. Uhhh no… The 10 centimetres (four inches) of snow which coated London, Europe’s financial capital, Monday virtually shut down […]

Cold Recap

MaxPower January 12th, 2009

I wrote this blog post back in September on the lack of sunspots and potential winter weather impacts. In it and another few posts I noticed there was an interesting correlation (but no causation proof) between the lack of sunspots and abnormally cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. How is the winter of 08/09 stacking […]

More (or less) on Sunspots

MaxPower November 9th, 2008

An interesting comment here from So-Co on a NASA release which states the “Sun shows signs of life” which then talks about how there were 5 sunspot clusters in October, 4 of which were Cycle 24 sunspots. NASA is probably right that the solar minimum has passed but as of yesterday? No sunspots, as you […]

Spotless Sun

MaxPower October 20th, 2008

Update here on about the sun being quiet and sunspotless. I’ve talked about it here and here back in September and here in August. As you can see from the picture above, the sun remains quiet. There were a few small sunspots last week but the number of spotless days in 2008 is now […]