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Thule and price gouging

David Gluzman May 27th, 2009

Having just bought a new mountain bike I’ve decided that I should finally invest in the bike rack for my vehicle. Since I already have the ski attachments and base bar for my VW (which are made by Thule), I figured it would be a pretty painless purchase to move forward. Well kinda.. But wow […]

Today is a very special day

MaxPower May 23rd, 2008

Today… is the 9 week anniversary of when the guy who lives behind me turned his deck light on. 9 weeks ago today, the dude who lives behind me had a party. As is required for parties, he turned on every light in his house – including his never-used deck light. Said deck light shines […]

Crazy Freakin Drivers

MaxPower May 20th, 2008

Just now recovering from the first long-weekend road trip which took us from Calgary to Vancouver and back. The scenery was great as usual, wildlife abounded (deer, elk, mountain goats, two black bears) and with the inevitable crowds on the road came some crazy freakin drivers. I have three contenders for “the Craziest Driver MaxPower […]

57 U.S. States!

MaxPower May 12th, 2008

Barack Obama was speaking at the start of a two-day swoop through Oregon, which is already a state. In Beaverton, which is not a state yet, the Democrat let it slip that during this marathon 16-month party presidential nomination struggle he had already visited 57 states with one more to go. Not including Alaska and […]

CNN Shirts?

MaxPower April 30th, 2008

I thought this was fake: Thank you for your interest in CNN Shirts. With CNN Shirts you can wear the news. If you have any questions regarding CNN Shirts, please read the answers to the frequently asked questions below. How do I get a CNN Shirt? To get your own CNN Shirt please visit […]